Vertical Blinds

With hundreds of styles from which to choose, our vertical blinds offer a look that’s distinctive, classic, and long-lasting. Selections include fashionable smooth and textured vinyls, as well as fabrics ranging from non-woven polyesters to decorative weaves and grass-like styles. Insert Groovers are available with our fabric styles to combine the soft, textured appeal of fabric with the insulation, light control and privacy advantages of vinyl.

control options
standard cord & chain control tilt

This traditional option comes with a chain to rotate vanes open and closed, and a cord - secured to the wall for safety - that moves the blinds side-to-side across the windows.

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wand control

Draw your blinds open or closed or tilt the vanes using a wand. It's a child-safe alternative to the standard chain and cord control.

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stack left / stack right

To accommodate your furnishings, or just your style, you can opt which side of the window or door vertical blinds will rest when pulled open.

split control

The split control option opens blinds in the middle and stacks vanes on both the left and right sides. The operating controls can reside on either side you choose.

free hang fabric

For a look that allows light to gently filter through the vanes, opt for free hang fabric.

insert groover

Fabrics inserted into groovers maintain a soft look while increasing energy efficiency, light control and privacy. Neutral appearance to the outside.

standard feature

A valance with a matching vinyl or fabric insert comes standard with every blind to conceal the operating mechanism and add a finished look.