latour cellular shades

Cozy up a room with the softness, energy efficiency and sound absorption of our Latour Cellular Shades. The collection offers a window of decorating opportunity for every room in the home. From semi-opaque and blackout fabrics to unique options like Tandem and TriLight Shades, there are hundreds of choices to make the home as comfortable as it is beautiful. 


control options
Standard Cordlock

Shades are controlled with the pull of a cord and can be locked into any position you desire.

Cordless Lift

Cordless lift shades effortlessly lift and lower with a slight push or pull on the bottomrail. Cordless is considered the safest choice if you have small children or pets in your home.

Cordless Lift & Lock

Press a button on the bottomrail handle to lift and lower the shade. Release the button to securely lock the shade into place. A child-safe option.

Continuous Cord Loop

Ideal for large or heavy shades. Cord loop stays the same length no matter where you position the shade. The color-coordinated cord tensioner secures to the wall, eliminating dangling cords.

RemoteLift Motorization

Battery-operated motorized lift system lifts and lowers shades with the touch of a button. Ideal for hard-to-reach windows and in homes with small children or pets.

Two on One

Keep large spans of windows looking clean and uniform by placing two cellular shades on one continuous headrail. While they look like one shade, they operate independently.

design options
TriLight Shades

TriLight is a unique combination of a sheer pleated shade on top and a cellular shade on the bottom. Known for its versatility, TriLight offers everything from softened view and UV protection to complete light and privacy control to energy efficiency.

Tandem Shades

Tandem™ Shades feature a back liner (roller shade) that allows you to add light control versatility to your cellular shade. Choose from screen, light-filtering or blackout liners.


These flexible shades lower from the top or raise from the bottom. Opening from the top lets you keep your privacy while letting in the sunlight. Open from both top and bottom for full control over shade placement.

Vertical Application

Cellular pleats run vertically, and slide from side to side -- ideal for sliding glass doors or large window expanses. They even make a great room divider.


Add a decorative touch to your arch windows. Choose a stationary or operable arch.


Cellular shades can cover most skylight applications with our easy-to-operate system. Better yet, they can match the rest of the windows in your home.


The flexible cellular shade design allows it to cover virtually any window, include the beautiful angles built into today's homes.


Cellular's flexible shape lends itself to this circular flair, making your round window a softly lit decorative focal point.