Wood Blinds

The rich, natural beauty of our hand-crafted wood blinds will add warmth, richness and elegance to any room. Our collection contains an extensive selection of color, style, and design options, including decorative tapes, routeless feature, rounded corners, and your choice of valance styles, as well as enhanced hardware systems for flexible control convenience.

control options
standard cordlock / cord tilt

Slats are lifted and lowered with the pull of a lift cord. Cords feature a cord connector that separates under pressure and easily snaps together again. Slats are tilted open and closed by pulling tilt cord controls.

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cordless lift

Cordless lift shades lift and lower with ease, using just your fingertips. Cordless is considered the safest choice if you have small children or pets in your home. 

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Cordless Lift & Lock

Press a button on the aluminum bottomrail to raise and lower the blinds. Release the button to lock blinds into place. Used in conjunction with the wand tilt, this option is a safer choice in homes with children and pets.

wand tilt

You can also opt for a wand tilt control to adjust your blinds open or closed with a simple twist. Available on 1 3/8" and 2" slat styles.

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remotetilt motorization

Ideal for hard to reach windows, this battery-operated system tilts slats open and closed with the touch of a button. The wireless system operates within a 65 foot radius, with no line of sight required.

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two on one / three on one

Keep large windows looking clean and uniform by putting two or three blinds on one continuous headrail. They look like one blind, but operate independently

decorative options
standard decorative valance

Our standard decorative valance has a distinctive style that will complement any decor.

crescent valance

You can also opt for the sleek, contemporary design of our Crescent valance. It's a great choice for more modern room settings.

Soho Valance

Top off your blinds with contemporary styling. The Soho valance is standard on Maritime; not available with Ultra Grain.

Forte Valance

Larger profile valance lends drama and offers a bolder statement at the window.


Designed to cover splices in oversized valances or to use as a decorative accent.

tape valance

Just like using decorative tape to cover route holes, you can also add tape to the valance at the top of your window and blend it with the rest of your decor.

decorative tape

Available in a variety of patterns and colors, decorative tapes help add a personal accent to your decor. And, because they cover route holes, they block additional incoming light.


Routeless slats are specially designed without route holes to reduce incoming light and add a touch more privacy.

rounded corners

For a sleeker contour, rounded corners let you create a softer look.

standard feature
trapezoid bottomrail

Our trapezoid bottomrail adds decorative flair to the bottom of your blinds and allows the slats to close tighter together.