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for Honeycomb and Latour™ Cellular Shades

Easy access. Easy operation. Easy sell. Exclusively from Enlightened Style!

  • 0.6 Nm DC Radio Frequency motor (8V)

  • Internal rechargeable battery pack for streamlined style

  • Recharging port on the front of the headrail for easy access

  • Adjustable speed setting: 34-50 rpm

  • Sound level ~48dB

  • Min Width Right Side Charging Port and Reset:
    30” net / Max Width: 120”

  • Min Width Left Side Charging Port and Reset:
    35” net / Max Width: 120”

  • 15 Channel TD/BU Remote Control that operates an unlimited number of TD/BU SHC Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Note: Not compatible with the SHC app at this time.