Composite Shutters - What's New

effective June 24th, 2024

We are so excited to be introducing our refreshed Composite Shutters program. Made of a wood composite material co-extruded with a polypropylene coating for a quality product and satin finish, our Composite Shutters offer a timeless beauty and superior craftsmanship.

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program highlights

  • Wide range of frames cater to almost every kind of opening; from smooth to traditional beaded to universal Z frames, one of our 17 offerings is sure to be a perfect fit

  • Plethora of design options including 3 louver sizes, 3 valance options, specialty shapes, French Door cut-outs, and more!

  • Features dovetail construction a master woodworking technique that uses the most structurally sound method for interlocking panels together.

  • Stiles and rails are constructed with robust laminated lumber core for longer lasting performance and straightness- an astragal can also be requested for additional light control where left and right panels come together

  • Louver tension pins disperse tension throughout the panel to keep louvers in position Thicker louvers provide more stability and straightness

  • Lifetime “No Question Asked” customer assurance program, valid for the lifetime of the product. Plus, GreenGuard Gold Certified and Energy Star Rated.

  • Produced in North America (14 days), specialties (20 days).

design options

  • 3 louver sizes: 2-1/2”, 3-1/2”, 4-1/2”

  • 8 hinge colors to choose from

  • 4 solid whites (UV Protected finishes)

  • Choose between traditional “up only” or versatile “up/down” louver closure

  • 17 frame styles from traditional beaded to smooth contemporary

  • Tilt options: Front tilt / Gear tilt (hidden inside the stile); Split Tilt available with both options

  • 3 valance options for track systems: 2-1/2” Standard , 5-3/8” Standard, and Decorative

  • Arch, Angle and Special Shapes are available

  • Bi-Fold, Bi-Pass and Triple Bi-Pass track configurations; gentle close is standard on all Bi-Pass systems (not applicable to Bi-Fold)

  • French Door Cut-outs are available


new sample kit includes:

  • All color offerings

  • Cuttings of each of the frame offerings

  • A composite shutter panel

  • New sales guide featuring detailed photography & program information


  • View the Sales Guide featuring detailed photography & program information here.