Natural Woven Shades — What's New
(U.S. Only)



NEW! Redesigned Side Returns

All orders placed as of March 18th will be made with new side returns featuring improved function, appearance and quality.

  • Enhanced design is made of shade material and is more structured

  • Consistent construction across all materials and control systems

  • Improved attachment conceals componentry, affixed prior to shipping

  • Returns are positioned behind the valance

  • Return height was shortened for cleaner stacking; height is determined by control system: 2”, 3”, or 4” (see chart below) Pre-determined heights cannot be overridden

  • Not available as a post-order part

  • Standard on Outside Mount valances, and optional on Inside Mount valances

Note: This update will require additional HR deductions. Minimum width will be adjusted. Finished width includes returns.


NEW! Uniform Bottomrail Design

  • New flat aluminum bottom bar replaces round wood dowel bottom bar

  • Standardized for Cordlock, Continuous Loop, Motorized, and PowerWand

  • Flat bar is wrapped in shade material

  • Cleaner and more consistent design, the same flat bar is used for all shade materials


NEW! Magnetic Hold Down Brackets

  • Available on all materials

  • Not available on Cordless Lift

  • Flat striker plate is attached to bottom of shade with magnetic catch installed to wall

  • Only available on Outside Mount shades and will not be available as a post-order part

  • Bottomrail must be disengaged from the magnet prior to raising the shade


Restyled Waterfall Back Valance

  • Waterfall shades ordered with lining will have the back valance made out of lining material only

  • Provides a cleaner and more consistent look from the back of the shade


Updated Shade Color Coordination

All orders placed as of March 18th will have standardized color coordination for improved aesthetics and simplification.

  • Color-coordinated hardware and components are pre-determined based on material selection

  • All other components (cordlock, pulley, grommet, rings, brackets, etc.) are available in Bronze & Silver