COMPOSITE SHUTTERS (effective 9/13/22)

NEW! Astragal Stile

  • A no-charge option

  • Offers better light control where panels meet

  • Assists in better closure with out-of-square openings

  • Astragal stile is only used on the room facing side of one panel

NEW! Gear Tilt

  • The gear operating the louvers is hidden in the stile

  • Provides smooth, seamless operation

  • Gear can be split within the panel to provide two sets of louvers that operate independently of each other

  • Ideal for privacy and added light control

  • Requires less depth for installation than rear tilt

NOTE: The Gear Tilt operation takes the place of the Rear Tilt option—price is the same at a 10% surcharge. Remakes for Rear Tilt panels are available for 90 days.

NEW! Friction Brake

  • Installs on one or more track system carriers to provide slight resistance and prevent panel "drift" due to out-of-square openings or settling of the home

  • Included in all track system hardware kits

Discontinued Colors

  • Tiger Eye 6059 and English Toffee 6071 are discontinued.