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Smart Home Collection Honeycomb TriLight Shades with Top-Down/Bottom-Up Remote

smart home collection

NEW! TriLight Option (US ONLY)

  • Available on the Smart Home Collection TDBU 0.6 Li-ion motor

  • Uses the same system and remote as Top-Down/Bottom-Up
    - Compatible with the Smart Home Collection App


NEW! Smart Home Collection 12V/4A — Transformer for 2.0 DC motors

  • Available on Dual Shades, Roller Shades & Natural Woven (US ONLY)



PowerWand 1.0

  • Now available on Natural Woven Shades (US ONLY)

  • Expands child safe options

NEW! PowerWand 2.0

  • Available on Roller, Dual, and Natural Woven Shades (US ONLY)

  • Designed to lift bigger, heavier shades

NEW! 72” wand

  • Available in 5 colors on both PowerWand 1.0 and 2.0

  • Available on Honeycomb, Roller, Dual, and Natural Woven Shades (US ONLY)



NEW! Magnetic Charging Kit

  • Includes adapter and 33” long rigid cable for easy connecting!

  • Great for hard to reach windows, or where the motor charge port is difficult to access

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