The ES Advantage

Energy Efficiency


Keep it cool or cozy.

Did you know up to 40% of a home’s heating and cooling can escape through its windows? Whatever your environment’s challenge; we can meet it. Many of our products are best in class at light control and energy efficiency. Here are a few that we think fit the bill:

Honeycomb Shades

The honeycomb shape is the most efficient in nature and also the most insulating. It helps to restrict the outside air, keeping both you and your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Honeycomb Shades provide cost-saving energy efficiency that will help the planet and your pocketbook.

Improve energy-efficiency, and save!

The federal government is now offering energy tax credits on select energy-efficient Honeycomb and Cellular Shades* — letting you earn 30% of the purchase price back in the form of a tax credit, up to a maximum annual amount of $1,200. Learn more about this tax credit savings opportunity here.
Learn more about our Honeycomb Shades program.

*U.S. Only

Roller Shades

Our high-performing UV blocking fabrics are vigorously tested and proven to reduce glare and heat gain from solar radiation, keeping your energy costs low and efficiency levels high. Light colors provide optimum heat reduction while darker colors provide excellent view though and glare control.
Learn more about our Roller Shades program.

Sheer Shadings

The sheer fabric layers of Sheer Shadings soften incoming harsh rays while the vanes redirect and disperse sunlight deep into the room. This daylighting reduces the need for artificial lights. The white exterior color reflects solar energy, helping to reduce solar heat gain, lower energy costs and improve comfort.
Learn more about our Sheer Shadings program.

Polyresin Shutters

Polyresin Shutters have pockets of air designed into the louver and frame parts. This construction reduces solar heat gain during the summer months and provides excellent insulation during the winter months. The classic beauty and modern functionality of shutters make them a perfect energy-efficient option for any setting. Learn more about our Polyresin Shutters program.

Automation Solutions

You can’t program the weather, but you can program your motorized window coverings to help save on energy costs. Discover how the Enlightened Style Automation line transforms how you control your window coverings by utilizing smart devices to operate your shades, at home or away. Paired with endless product options, our automation line is among the smartest around.
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