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Our battery-operated Simplicity automation is an economical Radio Frequency system available across our most popular product categories. Shades operate by remote control and the batteries are rechargeable for extra cost savings and convenience.
IMPORTANT! Simplicity Automation is Not Available in Canada.




  • Affordable automation option
    Excellent option for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of basic motorization
  • Control your shades with your smartphone
    Using the Simplicity Smart Controller along with the Neo Smart Blinds App
  • Reliable radio frequency
    Assures consistent 2 way communication for dependable operation time and time again
  • Rechargeable batteries
    The rechargeable lithium-ion battery motors offer steady power without the fuss of having to replace batteries.
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ES Advantage Smarter Shades

Discover how the ES Automation line transforms how you control your window coverings by utilizing smart devices to operate your shades, at home or away. Paired with endless product options, our automation line is among the smartest around!


    • Simplicity Remote Control

      Operate window coverings with modern push button control. Gain quick and easy access to privacy or light control by adding a favorites position.

    • Simplicity Smart Controller

      The Smart Controller device connects to any Wifi network to allow shades to be controlled via the Neo App. Its intuitive set up makes configuration a breeze.

    • Neo Smart Blinds App

      Enable control of your window coverings from any smartphone. The Neo App allows users to set schedules and timers to control window coverings at home or away.

Available Products

  • *This product is Not Available in Canada. Learn more.


The remote is effective up to 230 feet from the shade it is operating

A single remote can operate up to 5 shades or groups of shades, plus an option to operate all shades simultaneously.

The multi-channel remote can be used to operate individual or groups of shades. Each button can be programmed on the remote to correspond to a single shade or select group of shades to be operated simultaneously.

Simplicity motors have a “Favorites” position setting. To set a “Favorites” position, follow instructions provided in the installation.`

When the battery life is fading, the shade will begin to move at half speed – this is an indication to charge the battery.

It is possible other Wi-Fi devices such as wireless doorbells, baby monitors or wireless weather stations utilizing the same frequency could interfere with shade operation.

Because each motor functions independently, it is possible that identical shades will operate at different speeds. Shade speed is reliant on several factors such as battery life and charge strength, the battery type and the friction within the shade

It is not recommended to operate the shade manually. To avoid possible damage, please contact customer service for any shade that is not functioning properly.

Recharging time is approximately 5 hours for fully depleted batteries. The battery can be recharged up to 500 times.

The Solar Panel provides a constant trickle charge to the rechargeable battery. It does not require direct sunlight, but performs best in regular direct sunlight applications. It will prolong the life of the charge and in some applications will maintain charge indefinitely. The life of the charge is subject to application variables such as, size and weight of shade, frequency of use, amount of direct sunlight exposure, etc.

IMPORTANT! Solar Panels are Not Available in Canada. Learn more.

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