Advanced Technology, Ultimate Control Advanced Technology, Ultimate Control

Experience the most automation options with Somfy automated window coverings. The advanced line of Sonese® quiet RTS® and Zigbee motors cover any range of window sizes.

System Overview



  • Designed for silence
    Our full range of Zigbee Rev B and RTS motors provide peace along with powerfully smooth operation that is available on a large range of products and window sizes!
  • Seamless control
    Simple to operate via the TaHoma app or remote control - control as you see fit!
  • Stay secure
    Zigbee Rev B offers battery status and shade position feedback - enhanced privacy and security while at home or away!
  • Effortless integration
    Easy integration with many voice control and home automation systems for a future proof - advanced smart home!
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    • TaHoma® systems and App

      Control Somfy automated window coverings while at home or away using the TaHoma Switch and App. Or, use the power of your voice to operate Somfy automated systems with devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

    • Zigbee Motors and Controls

      Live a completely connected lifestyle with the Zigbee range of motors and controls. Each provides real time feedback for constant shade status using the TaHoma App. The Zigbee Smart Plug extends the radio range and can be used to create scenes, control lighting and more.

    • Smart Home Integration

      Integrating with many of the largest smart home brands, Somfy puts you in control so that you can operate your automated window coverings whether at home or away. Systems like Savant, Crestron and Control4 are just a few.

    • Advanced RTS Controls

      Control all RTS products with an elegant Situo® Remote or Smoove® wall switch. Each features the exclusive “my” feature to save the preferred position. Operate a single or group of window coverings on each channel.


The Zigbee alliance was designed for connecting devices in networks over very short distances with very low power consumption. Hundreds of brands are currently members of this alliance. A main benefit of Zigbee is its mesh network topology, which enables bi-directional communication for real-time shade and battery feedback.
Both Somfy RTS and Somfy Zigbee can be used in the same location along with a TaHoma RTS/Zigbee Bridge. Somfy RTS remote controls cannot be used to control Somfy Zigbee motors.

RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) is a radio technology that can communicate with motorized products reliably up to 20 feet and from up to 65 feet in optimal conditions. There is no need to point or aim the remote or control device at the window covering because RTS is omni-directional so the radio waves travel through walls. RTS technology works with a variety of Somfy controls including hand-held remotes, wall switches, the TaHoma app, voice control, and sensors.
Both Somfy RTS and Somfy Zigbee can be used in the same location along with a TaHoma RTS/Zigbee Gateway. Somfy RTS remote controls cannot be used to control Somfy Zigbee motors.

There are five main power options for Somfy automated window coverings:

Reloadable Battery Wand - In this option, the motor is powered by lithium batteries. A 12V battery tube containing 8 AA lithium batteries is mounted either horizontally or vertically inside the window frame behind your motorized window covering. There is no need for an electrician to wire your motorized shades. Dual wands are also available.

WireFree™ Rechargeable Battery Power - In this option, the motor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (external pack or built in motor). There’s no need for an electrician to wire your automated shades, which minimizes installation time and cost.

Plug-In Power (DC) - With this power option, the motor plugs directly into a standard outlet. This is a good option for windows located close to an outlet or power source. The benefit of plug-in power is that it allows for maintenance-free operation. No need to worry about changing batteries!

Wired Power (AC) - In this option, the motor is typically hardwired into the home or building’s electrical system. This system of power could work for any home but does typically require the use of an electrician. The major benefit, however, is the maintenance-free operation of your automated product.

Solar Pack Power - The WireFree Solar Pack offers an energy-efficient alternative for powering automated products by harnessing renewable solar energy to power automated window coverings. It is easy to install and does not require an electrician.

Yes, the TaHoma Bridge can be used for connecting to home automation in many applications as well via Wi-Fi.
Available on the App Store
Available on the Google Play

The battery life will vary depending on the size of your window covering and the frequency of use. In general, users can expect approximately one year of operation for their WireFree Somfy motors. This estimate is based on one cycle per day use, with a cycle being the shade moving up once and down once.

The TaHoma Switch is the central hub that connects and controls the smart home ecosystem – powering the TaHoma app and giving end users complete control, no matter their preferred smart home ecosystem. Add Smart Plugs to extend the network even more!

The Somfy TaHoma Switch and Smart Plug have a range of up to 23ft.

A channel is either associated with a single motorized window covering or a group of motorized window coverings. Depending on the type of control and technology being used, controls are available in single channel and/or multichannel versions.
Channels are used to organize motorized window coverings with their control counterpart(s). This could mean a hand-held remote or a wall switch with multiple channels to control Somfy powered products in whatever configuration needed.

Whether you want to use a wall switch, an app, voice control or a hand-held remote, Somfy has a control option for you. You can use any combination of Somfy RTS controls. Mix and match remotes, wall switches, timers and sensors for up to 12 devices or channels per window covering.

With Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) motors or Zigbee, you can integrate with many popular smart home systems like: Savant, Crestron, Control4, Leviton, RTA, AMX, ELAN, URC, Wink, Vantage, Nexia, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and more.

Yes, visit our Enlightened style YouTube channel, here, for Somfy Automation How-To videos.

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